is empowering retailers to Sell Online and Create Unique Brand Presence

Ecommerce is exploding at a frenetic pace and more and more retailers and hopping on to the bandwagon. Creating a unique brand niche is difficult and reaching out to customers even more so but Market App Online uses cutting edge technology in an app that gets retailers to sell and establish a strong online presence.

Commenting on the marketapponline app, the founder of the company says “We have small retailers under the lens and it is our sincerest wish to help them grow and establish a strong foothold in a competitive market. Marketapp online is the result, a one-stop ecommerce solution with no transaction fees at all. Users just select a package to start with and realize instant results in the form of sales every day. What they invest they recoup in less than a year.”

Marketappline features are targeted at small retailers and their needs. Marketapp online offers easy website, a mobile app and a social media store in the package. Each client’s storefront is customized for unique individual look. Retailers enjoy the facility of a secure payment gateway with low charges so they can charge low and yet make a profit.

The app also features complete ecommerce feature that includes inventory management, shipping and tracking for better customer experience. At each point customers have access to total support from a dedicated account manager. Customers receive training on how to use the marketapp online features to maximum advantage.

Marketapp online, the premier ecommerce solution for retailers in these days of mobile technologies, is priced affordably. There are various packages to suit a retailer’s requirements. One can start with a silver plan at a low Rs. 12000 and go on to the diamond plan with plenty of features at Rs 80000 with plenty of customizable options in between. “Hundreds of retailers are joining the marketapp online family and are profiting each day,” claimed the representative.

Technology often baffles retailers who are more used to handling products and selling for cash. For them digital technologies, ecommerce and payment online can be a whole new ball game that can be confusing as well as expensive. It does entail an investment in the marketapp online package but the results far outweigh the investment.

A retailer who sells to a dozen customers in his local area can now sell to hundreds of customers across the world. A customized app on Google Playstore gives instant access to millions of potential buyers. From selling a few products today, any retailer can add to his portfolio and sell hundreds tomorrow. From local he goes global.

Marketapp online ushers in a new era of prosperity and all for so very little. We invite entrepreneurs to take the plunge and promise rewards far beyond their expectations, said the spokesperson of the company.


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