Online Business in India

Online Business is just not buying and selling products on internet and it has also entire process of marketing, selling, delivering servicing, developing, and transactions in order to buy products and services. Online business is growing very fast in India with more than 300 million internet users in the country. After US and China, India is on third place in active number of internet users.
India has witnessed a major breakthrough E-commerce success stories particularly in e-retail in Consumer Electronics & Fashion Apparel & Home Furnishing segments. E-commerce creates new opportunities for entrepreneurial start-ups. Ease of Internet access, Safe and secure payment modes coupled with aggressive marketing by E-Commerce Giants has revolutionized this segment. Rapid development in mobile technology has given way to Mobile Commerce with many E-Commerce companies shifting to App only model.

But there are also many challenges in online business as infrastructural problem, absence of cyber laws, privacy and security concern, payment and tax related issues, digital illiteracy and consumer psyche, and virus problem in India.

There is a leading business app MarketApp in India. It is a game changer for the businesses those are confused how to start online business and earn high profit. MarketApp provides an online platform for your business. You can simply create your business store with your business images and logo after a simple registration process. After created store, you will be visible on the internet and you can show your products and services there.

It also provides the facility of chat for your customer. We can say MarketApp performs as a all in one app.



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