How To Read Your Customer’s Mind In A Live Chat Session

If you are looking for a technology that can read your customer’s mind, then you are at the wrong place. In fact no one in this world can get you such technology because it doesn’t exist. But, even if you can’t buy any such magical technology, it doesn’t mean that you can never read your customers’ minds. It is possible to read your prospects’ minds and the process takes practice. Here is how you can find out what your customers’ real objectives are.

Communication Strategy

In every conversation there are many ongoing sales pitches. Recall any of your previous conversations and analyze how your deal was. Dirkd you win the deal or you lost it to your competitor. If you lost the deal then think about what was not right. Was it your communication strategy? Now, think about any of your successful deals that you made. Can you figure out any elements or factors that helped you win?

A right communication strategy can help you sell anything. But, what is the right strategy to sell products online?

  1. Listen: Greet your customers whenever they drop you the first message. Now listen to them and pay attention to what they are saying. A seller who listens to his/her customers wins the deal. If you are not listening to your customers then you are losing many opportunities. Listening to your customers not only helps you build better relationships, but it also helps you understand their needs as well.
  2. Understand: Customers’ needs are always changing. Every customer has his own priorities and interests that’s why you should have unique communication strategy for every customer. You can easily understand any customer if you define categories for your customers. You should divide your customers into three categories such as “Well Informed,” “Less Informed,” and “Novice.” If you make three categories then you can easily understand your customers’ level.
  3. Inform: You should inform your customers. If you do not give your product information to customers then he/she cannot understand your product and you will lose the customer. Market App provides a chat feature that helps you give more information to your customers. The chat feature can be very helpful because it gives you more time to think and respond.

Ask Questions:

Do not hesitate when it comes to asking questions to your customers. Customers like answering questions related to their needs. When you ask questions, you get a clear idea of what your customers want from your online store. You should ask questions about anything related to your customers’ interest, preferences and choices. You can ask several questions such as:

  • What are your buying criteria?
  • How soon you want to make a purchase?
  • When would be the best time to discuss?
  • What do you look for in a relationship with a seller?

You can also ask their feedback, so you can evaluate their answers and choice.

Introduce Some Solid Facts

If you have some interesting information or facts about your products then why not show off? It can be anything from product reviews to sales numbers. It leaves a lasting impression on customers. Customers tend to buy products with positive feedback and better sales record.


How do you talk to your customers when they visit your store and when they leave? Analyze the whole process to better understand how you communicate. Practicing on improving your communication strategy is the key to success in online selling. So, make sure that you never stop practicing new ideas and executing them well.



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