How To Write Better Product Descriptions To Sell Products Online

Product descriptions work like a magic when it comes to attracting people to a brand or business online. Search engines appreciate product descriptions that are easy to understand and accurate when crawling a website. Many sellers lack the ability of writing compelling product descriptions. Writing the right product descriptions that both customers and search engines love is important for online businesses. The use of keywords while avoiding the unnecessary terms makes a business different from the rest.

How Customers Read Product Descriptions

Before spending their money on any product, every customer feels guilty. When it comes to buying something for themselves, the level of guilt goes up in consumers’ mind. If you can think about eliminating the feeling of guilt from the customers, you can sell anything in the world. You are probably thinking how you can eradicate that guilt from your customer. Well, you probably have seen many big brands are already doing it.

So How Do They Do It?

  • Make them realize it is a one-time offer
  • Compliment them for showing interest in your deal
  • Make them know it is an investment
  • Make the product sound excellent
  • Represent your products as a need
  • Make it sound like the product is saving them money
  • If possible, highlight the benefits they have never thought about
  • Do not use the word “expensive” for your products even if they are expensive. You never know who your consumer is.

Copied Content

You should never copy content from any source. It can ruin your business appearance on web. Copied content can harm your website rankings on search engine result pages. When you write product descriptions, make sure you don’t copy content from other websites or offline materials. You can use any free software available on the internet. You can use Copyscape to check your writings before you publish them on the internet. It is possible that some other people may write with the same idea and if the online tools flag your content as duplicate, it is better to write a unique copy.


Use of keywords is really very important for businesses and keywords should be used in a natural way. Stuffing keywords in your content is a big no because the excessive use of keyword can make your content look like spam. Even search engines and your customers won’t appreciate it. But, the absence of keywords will make your content weak and it may not please the search engines and customers. Always remember that natural use of keywords can make your product descriptions stand out. It can boost your SEO efforts.

Bottom Line

Once you’ve achieved the suitable writing skills, it’s time to come up with some new ideas and start writing. Writing product descriptions is not only about selling your products to people, but it about making them feel what they are getting from your brand or business. With each product, make sure that your customers are achieving something and not just spending money on something you are offering.


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