How To Turn Your First Time Buyers Into Long Term Customers

How To Turn Your First Time Buyers Into Long Term Customers

When it comes to online selling, attracting more customers to your business is just a part of the real challenge. Once you get more people visiting your store, how do you make them buy something? Improving an online store conversion rate is a challenging part but what matters the most is how many of these holiday shoppers return to your store and buy from you. Most of the advice you get from people can be specific to a certain business or industry. Here are the tips for every business that can answer their questions such as “how to turn store visitors into customers?” Or “how to make people stay with my business?”

Understand customer behavior

Before a retailer starts thinking about how to increase store conversion rates, it is important to understand customer behavior. For every store owner, it is important to know why people buy and why they don’t buy. There are many reasons, complex description, lack of product photographs, items out of stock, poor communication, unrealistic pricing – the list can be too long.

Whenever a customer enquires about a product, be clear about what they are asking and answer the same. Resist the temptation to showcase your product’s feature and just observe what they are talking about. It is not bad to ask questions and in case if you feel like customer is not able to clarify their needs, be generous and help them figuring out what they actually want.

Know your product’s unique selling proposition and stress it

Know what makes you different from everyone and tell your customers about it. Let the message go out loud and clear. For example, an apparel store touts the credentials of exclusive men’s wear collection they serve as a result of an exclusive deal with a popular brand. Such things can boost the conversion rate amazingly.

Use the magic question

Never let any of your chat inquiries get away without informing them properly. Sometimes it happens with many sellers that their customer goes away by just sending some messages regarding the product price and availability. If you have a team to handle the work or even if you are handling the chat session, always thank your visitor for taking time to showing interest in your products or services. Say “Can I ask you something?” This is one of the tactics that engages customers effectively. It is good to ask the visitors about their interests, shopping patterns, their contact number and preferences.

Listen and Inform

Sometimes sellers are too busy to answer and ask—or maybe the seller doesn’t even know what to ask or what to say when a person visits their online store. Same thing happens with the buyer. If a buyer is unable to decide on what else they can ask you, take the position proactively and ask them for what they are looking for. You can provide information on anything, you can tell them how you deliver, how they can pay you, how much care and attention a product needs.

A seller is always busy, especially during the seasonal sale. It is obvious that you have got a lot of things in mind. It can be anything from adding more products to your mobile store, writing new descriptions, adding more product photographs. Remember that people tend to buy during these seasons and they want to know who you are and how your store is different. Take time to listen and inform.

Keep in Touch

When a buyer comes to your store and makes a purchase. If the experience was pleasing for both of you, the buyer will definitely care to purchase from you again. But, it doesn’t mean that they will always proactively call you or send you a chat message. It is your responsibility to help them do so.

Once the purchase has been made, make sure you are following up with the buyer. Did they love what they bought? Are there some questions?

Bottom Line

Remember that the first-time buyers found you because of a deal or discounts; offer some more interesting deals the buyer may find interesting. The data you have already collected can definitely help you plan your next message, email, coupons and other exciting offers to reach them. And the possibility is that they may never be interested in buying something, but you can amaze them with your offerings.


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