Why having Mobile App and Website has become a necessity for business success


Last month we published an article on The Effect of E-Commerce on the Physical Stores, which proved to be very popular with business owners. So today we would like to discuss about the website and mobile apps in combination with your business, and why business owners should consider building a website and a mobile app for their own brand, retail store or company.

Those who think websites and mobile applications are only for the big brands such as financial institutions then you are not right. More and more small and medium size businesses are going with the digital trend, understanding that a creative website and mobile marketing strategy brings more than what traditional methods of marketing can.

In fact, if you notice, many small businesses are introducing their mobile apps in the market or going online via website and social media. Be it the restaurant,, spa or the grocery store, these small businesses are even ahead of the big players when it comes to attracting customers from local markets.

In case if you are still not sure why a business owner or a small retail store owner would want to build their own website or mobile app, here are the benefits you should not miss reading.

Be visible to customers 24/7:

You can’t deny the fact if we say that people spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. Only a few select applications consume most of their time. Obviously the people have to unlock, scroll and search their device to find the apps they are looking for. Ensuring the presence of your business on their mobile phone is not that difficult and it is not that easy as well. But you can actually place your business, store, products and services on their mobile phones in form of an easy to use mobile application and website.

Provide the experience your customers want

How many digitalized solutions do you provide to your customer? Customers do not want to stick to a single seller because they have choices. On top of that, they have mobile phones, tablets and laptops that help them find the best products online. But are they able to find you online on a single platform which is always on? If your answer is no, then there’s no need to say how many customers your lose every day.

Let the customers talk to you even when they are not physically present at your store. Let them browse through your product catalog from their mobile phones, let them recall your business every time they think of shopping. A mobile application such as Market App can easily do this for you.

The most important reason why businesses should consider building their own mobile app and website is gaining customer loyalty. With all the noise made by your competitors —billboards, banners, newspaper ads, flashing signs, coupons, businesses slowly lose their impact on customers because of the offline advertising surrounding their customers all the time.


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