How Digital India campaign is helping SMBs that are not currently using internet and other mobile technologies

Untitled-3Internet in India took more than a decade to reach 100 million people. The number of internet users doubled in just three years and a recent report by Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) and Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) states that India will have more than 450 million internet users in coming months.

A report from December 2015 states that India has 306 million mobile internet users. Within a year, India has moved from 300 to 400 million internet users. Internet has become an essential element for Indians. With over 300 million internet users in country, internet has opened up many opportunities for Indian businesses. The use of internet is rapidly growing.

Small and medium businesses in India are starting to bloom and technology is leading to an explosion in different industries in the country. With more than 4,100 enterprises, India is expected to have several thousand tech startups by 2020.

Digital India, a campaign by the Government of India has become highly popular around the world. The campaign aims to connect small and medium business with internet and technology. One of the major goals of the project is to build internet presence for more than 20 million small medium businesses running in the country. With digital India, the government wants to provide internet access on mobile phones.

More than 2 million small and medium businesses have secured their presence on the internet. The campaign aims to focus all those business owners that are unable to get their hands on the latest technology which is almost being led by the internet. With a mission to make India a powerhouse of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, the Indian government is asking more and more businesses to join the forces and get their presence on the internet.

India’s internet population is expected to reach 462 million by June. Currently, India holds third position with the largest internet user base in the world. It is estimated that India will leave all the other countries behind.

If we discuss the use of internet at grass root level, we’ll find that making a strong online presence for business is hard for many entrepreneurs. Lack of technical skills turns people off using internet for business growth. People do not want to use complex applications and software for their business to grow online. But most of the time, business owners have to struggle with such complex things and unfortunately most of them give up on their ideas.

With digital India campaign, the government encourages tech companies to build easy and affordable solutions for enterprises, small and medium business. Market App is also contributing to a better future by offering a unique solution for businesses. Market has introduced a mobile app where sellers and buyers can meet. Both the Market App and Market Business app help customers find the trusted sellers from their neighborhood and the applications also help sellers to grow online and find more customers without spending a large amount.

With Digital India campaign, Market App aims to build a better connected world.Untitled-3.jpg


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